Hate vs. Love: This is Water

So I wrote a brief mission for my website… Showing that I wanted to share ideas of contrary topics… Things that people usually hate can be learned to be loved.

I used to hate the idea of showing affection. It was hard when the feeling fades away and it’s hard to blame anything on that. I’ve learned that blaming the past, and/or a person or yourself, is the subtle way of bottling pain up. It’s natural. We learn to acquiesce to situations and hold a veil of strength as our aura. But I grew out of that, and I show my heart on my sleeve. Because I know that I have that nature, and I believe in humanity, not inhumanity.
When applying love to the things in life, we show passion and determination. Anything we see in the news where there’s a good feeling involved, like three girls being freed from 10 years of captivity (Sick man, Ariel Castro is…), we like to love the situation. We become lighthearted, and feel bliss. Things are coming together. Hating the acts of inhumanity does not seem important anymore.

I feel that loving what is right in front of you in the moment helps you approach life in a positive way. You like to do what you do. However droll and tasking the tedium of life can be, we can relate with others, and know that we are all in this boat together. David Foster Wallace delivered this commencement speech at Kenyon College in 2005. The late speech-giver eloquently explains what it feels like to have robotic, daily lives, where aches and pains can set in. But he tells these graduates something very important. Smile on the grocery line, because “[you] can force [yourself] to consider the likelihood that everyone else in the supermarkets  checkout line is just as bored and frustrated as [you are].” Source: http://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/this_is_water/ (Watch it, seriously… It’s a beautiful speech in short film form).

So be it that life is filled with hate all around us. But we mostly perceive it that way, and we have the ability to choose distinctly how we should feel, an then think in the moment. Smile more. You’ll feel it. Accept love with an open heart.

So I choose to love. And I am beginning to love once more. It’s a very hate-filled world out there… with the threats of terrorist, inhuman animals, and lust, greed, and ultimately pain in one’s heart. I live in America, where we feed off of negativity. I choose to look at the sun rise every day, so that I can see all the light that surrounds us. If the clouds come out, I love them. If it rains, I soak it in.

Choose love.


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