Brooklyn’s New Franchise

Besides Jay-Z and music centers of Brooklyn (Music Hall of Williamsburg, BAM Café, Union Hall, and many others), we now have Sports in the rising borough. Here we go on some sports entertainment passions that have not been as present as our great football and baseball fandoms. In the very recent past and over many decades as well, the Yankees (27 and counting), the NY Football Giants (DYNASTY!!), and the somewhat less-followed New York Knicks (due to the lesser quantity of basketball fans in our state), the New York Rangers and New York Islanders have been our staple teams. Hockey has not been valued as a sport across the country (screw you, Canada), but we HAVE to get into this hugely entertaining sport. The fandom of hockey is beautiful. Such dedicated fans need support as their teams get the amped up respect to win that coveted Stanley Cup.

The island begins in the refreshed “power play” Brooklyn, and now both the Nets (NBA), and the Islanders (NHL), have come to the brand new Barclays Center located next to the Flatbush/Atlantic Ave. Terminal. It’s right off the Subway stop for us Long Islander fans for hockey, and hell, the new rivalries will bring the NYC folk in as well. New Subway Series have formed, and yay! New York rivalries are the shit. Knicks vs. Nets, Islanders vs. Rangers revived! City teams are now truly in direct head-to-head competition.

This is gonna be huge. Support the movement, get patriotic about your new or already-supported team, and have pride in New York’s new chapter of success in the exotic, diverse setting of Brooklyn/NYC.

For the record… I like the the New Jersey Devils in hockey… (Yeah, boo me). But because of the flailing Knicks and their business focused strategy (Dammit! Why did they have to release Jeremy Lin???), I have pulled my support and have joined the Brooklyn Nets. I am proud to see them center around team leader Deron Williams, and learn from their grassroots basketball.

Follow these amazing, competitive sports. What you used to maybe HAtE, Love.

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