Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Yeah, today is Sunday. This is usually my morning off to cook breakfast, all-out.

First and foremost, I wanted to talk about a comics-site I referenced: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Perfect love? Credit: SMBC

So the post today by this super-awesome, sometimes hilarious comic strip, has a lot to do with my perception of love versus hate. We strive for something perfect, a conception that everything about a certain entity is going to bring us the ultimate ecstasy. But ultimately, we hate that that is something lackluster in the end! We don’t appreciate 100% comfort. Do you let the car drive you, or do you drive it? Some things are just more important to take on hands-on. This is why we strive to contribute to accomplishing our tasks, like driving from point A to B.

Yeah, we’re complex. Human curiosity plays a role why we take on the day every day. We have goals we would like to attain, and so we attempt to learn everything we need to accomplish those goals. A curiosity (like a plan), though, is a goal that is just a wish. We then have to decide whether we jump in to our curious idea, and let our mindsets achieve the step-by-step tasks towards our desired aim. “I have a goal that one day I will have this job that suits to my interests, and will allow me to benefit from the spoils to create a livelihood.” That’s insight! Goals are very important to our pursuit. It’s as simple as heh heh… contributing to this discussion. Or it can be what you want for your children when you are a parent; you find out what it takes now to be a good parent, and develop your character to be there, one day.

So we’re not robots, we’re just doing subjectively mundane things to complete an objective. That objective is based on our strong desire to learn and intrigue, and we would like to commend what we have to both ourselves and contribute to others. That’s a much better release than having things robotically handed to you. So, take hold of the steering wheel and do that thing you’re curious about. It may just turn into your goal one day.

I’ll leave you with my Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal– Driven by my curiosity, striven for my contribution. Yeah what the hell I took a picture of my breakfast… I do that from time to time to make my parents hungry while they work. 🙂

Mickey is SOOO curious about my breakfast!

Let me know what your curiosities are, freely. I will definitely use that to my gain, as to write more about your topic of interest. Damn, I feel like I’m writing to myself these days!

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