Little Face Mitt

Little Face Mitt

I guess my blog will be about Politics… for at least the rest of the election cycle. Yeah, HAtED Web for real, because we hate talking about politics with other people. I know I know, I’m still gonna get into the heat of this topic.

Seems like the consensus in the media is that Mitt Romney won the debates last night. I beg to disagree! Romney’s campaign went with the conventional “winner of a debate since Nixon’s scoff on TV” idea. Essentially, any candidate after the Nixon-Kennedy debates would go on to be scrutinized by the American people. But seriously? Is our campaign process to the point of watching hyped media and emotional outbursts; Yes, and so queue Howard Dean: BYAH! His election imploded after this gaff. BUT! He, in my humble opinion, was the better candidate that election year (where George Bush beat John Kerry in his reelection campaign).

Oh god.. if you think Romney’s pestering of #PoorJim Lehrer counts towards winning a debate, I must say you must be an average American. Sad, IMHO, that we cannot look past the cover of a book, in Romney’s case, of lies and jabs. Barack was targeted and rebuked several times by Romney, who interrupted the flow of a natural debate. Obama may have seemed to mislay this debate because of his cool, calm character. He smirked when Romney lied, and he knew that what he suggested was factually inconsistent, and would not solve any problems for the country. In fact, it elucidated that Romney does not want to do anything for the country. He just wants the Presidential chair. Yeah, but, “This seat’s taken.” #Obama will do much better in his next debate. He will draw the line, and shut the media up.

What do you think, who won the debate, and why?

For fun, check out the Top 10 Most Awkard Political Gaffes. Yeah, these change the trajectory of our country. 😦

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